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We are a leading manufacturer of disposable plastic products.


Granuplas S.A.S. was born in 2002 to provide solutions to the plastic waste disposal  problems of the companies located in the Mamonal production sector in Cartagena. 


In 2005 our company ventured into the plastic extrusion process by assembling its lines for the production of drinking straws. Subsequently, the complete lines of cutlery, cups and disposable bags were included.


The production processes are carried out in our injection plant by using state-of-the-art technologies, allowing us to offer products free of human contact. 

Hight-end technology has also allowed us to shorten response times and satisfy the increased demand of our customers.


Since our inception we have been aware of the environmental effects of plastic pollution due to the mismanagement of its final disposal.


This is why, in addition to the good management of resources and our optimized processes, we have a plastica waste processing plant that allows us to recover twice as much plastic each month as we produce. 


In this way, we contribute to the reuse of a material that adds so much value to the daily activities of today's life.


We have an extensive network of retail distributors nationwide and internationally. In case you are interested in distributing our products or acquiring them for their final use, please contact us.

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